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Why Choose BESTCare?

BESTCare 2.0 introduces an unparalleled combination of advanced features and value to the global EMR market.

Our solutions

World Class to World’s BEST.

BESTCare was born from the top minds of SNUBH, one of the leading academic medical centers in South Korea, where its renowned clinical staff guided every step of its design.

  • Evidence-Based Patient Care System

  • Clinical Decision Support System(CDSS)

  • Clinical Pathway(CP)

  • Clinical Indicator(CI)


  • “4 Less” Solution

  • Chart-less EMR
  • Film-less PACS
  • Slip-less OCS(CPOE)
  • Paper-less PMS & MIS Groupware


  • Advanced Architecture

  • SOA-based Modeling
  • Next Generation User Experience
  • Patient-Centered Smart Health Patient Portal
  • Standard Terminology Free-text Retrieval

Current International Clients

BESTCare 2.0 has received recognition from KLAS as a world-class EMR provider, ranking 6th in KLAS’ list of Global EMR providers and is accelerating its expansion worldwide.


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