A system that could suit all your needs in one package… would be the BEST.
Born from the disappointment in a system lacking the functions needed for optimal hospital operations, the clinicians of the SNUH health system decided to create a system all their own. The initial project has grown from the early days into an international platform for Tertiary hospitals to more efficiently care for their patients.
Clinicians know that the science of taking care of a patient is the same anywhere in the world. The art of delivering that care however determines success.

Clinical solutions are unified in our signature product, BESTCare. All aspects of care delivery documentation have been modernized by moving to Microsoft’s .NET platform and those who are familiar with PC’s and smartphones will find similar themes and queues throughout our system making adapting to our system that much easier.

BESTCare2.0 Behavioral Version

Our partners in North America have implemented BESTCare in 5 psychiatric hospitals. As they continue to expand, they continue to tout the benefits of our system for behavioral health.

Edge & NEXT

BESTCare cloud EHR don’t require complex installation processes where technicians come to your practice and set up intense infrastructure to host your data. It can all be done via the internet, with no need for a large IT presence to support you. Service will be provided by a professional SaaS provider that saves time and cost, and SaaS providers provide professional services in most configurations, including standardized system, security, and software maintenance.

  • Centralized single source
  • Cost effective
  • On-demand system by selecting required functions
  • SOA / MSA web architecture
  • Compliance with global standards