At ezCaretech, what matters to you is our top priority.
Established in 2001, ezCaretech quickly rose to become the market leader in the Healthcare IT sector. Developed by the most renowned Hospital (SNUH) in South Korea, we understand what hospitals need more than anyone else. We a e constantly integrating new technologies to create solutions that contributes to our community and clients.

Our EHR software, BESTCare is developed by the physicians who still help shape the technologies we create. As the largest EHR vendor, we collaborate with public and private organizations to anticipate, identify obstacles and recognize opportunities as industry evolves.

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I am Dr. Ryang Wee Won, President and Chief Executive Officer of ezCaretech.
Since our establishment in 2001, ezCaretech rose to represent Korea’s Healthcare IT industry thanks to our creative innovations, quality efficiency, and deep understanding of hospital operations.
Our continuous drive for technological innovations and improvements allowed us to build Korea’s first integrated health information system, provide a variety of solutions for smart hospitals, and offer specialized ITO services to more than 50% of all tertiary hospitals in Korea. During which, our values have strengthened not just as a tech company but also as a service-oriented company.
Since then, our creative market approach, world-class technological advancement, flexible customization, and highly competitive pricing have allowed ezCaretech to be recognized as the #2 EHR provider in the non-US market.
Now, as one of the top EHR providers in the international Healthcare IT industry, ezCaretech and its employees across the world are working tirelessly with the global healthcare community to advance healthcare information technology, deliver better support to hospitals, and strive to bring the utmost level of patient care and safety across the globe.
As a company with a relentless determination for technological advancements and customers’ values always in mind, ezCaretech would like to ask you for your trust and support.
Thank you.

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Since 2001, ezCaretech has been the forefront of healthcare IT innovation. Beginning as a physician led, hospital owned company in 2001, we have established our business to deliver quality and trust for our tertiary hospital clients across the globe. we proudly represent as the only EHR proviver with 0 failures since inception.